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Indications of Spinal Decompression

- Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Vida Chiropractic Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy in Newark, NJ

Spinal Decompression is a scrupulous mechanical stretching of the spine to relieve pressures on the discs, promote blood circulation in the spine, and encourage lasting healing. The procedure make use of a computer-aided traction table wherein the upper half of the table stays unmovable while the lower half is being maneuvered by the computer.

The slow, steady stretching of the spinal column helps relieve the pressure on the discs that is situated between the vertebrae. The meticulous stretching motion will produce a negative pressure within the discs resulting them to retract. The reverse suction will help pull discs that are sticking out back into place.

Moreover, spinal decompression encourages good circulation to the spine, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow within, promoting tissue repair, cell renewal and permanent healing. Thus, indicated for the following spinal disc problems:

  • Bulging discs - Protrusion of the spinal disc outside its original place creating pressure on adjacent nerves, resulting to pain. The bulging disc can rupture overtime when left untreated.
  • Herniated discs - This occurs when the gel inside the spinal discs leaks and eventually ruptures or herniates. The gel irritates the surrounding nerves manifesting as a burning sensation which radiates from the lower back into the legs.
  • Degenerative discs - Decrease in fluid in the outer layer of the discs is noted when you are suffering from age-related disc degeneration. It can result to excruciating bone projections which can affect the spinal nerves.

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