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Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS): FDA-Approved to be Used in Muscle Re-Education

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 01, 2017
Vida Chiropractic Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Newark, NJ

Electrical muscle simulation in Newark, NJ is a well known treatment because of its therapeutic benefits. The process involves low-level electrical currents that are used to stimulate muscles, forcing them to contract and to reduce pain and swelling and hasten recovery time.

One of the benefits of electrical muscle simulation (EMS) is muscle re-education which is very helpful during the early stages of physical rehabilitation following an injury. After a person sustains injury, there are muscles that don't get used during the healing process. in these situations it is best to undergo EMS. EMS is aimed at building basic muscle tone and strength in the affected muscles forcing them to contract in a coordinated pattern. This also helps improve the cognitive link between the brain and the movements of the body.

After undergoing electrical muscle simulation, the patient can then move on to more strenuous exercises that build muscle strength. With the help of this FDA-approved treatment, the weakened muscles can be more active again to prevent or slow the effects of muscle atrophy.

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